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16 August 2008

New Microblogging Services

an option twitter should consider by emdotAfter Twitter disabled SMS functionality for most countries and limit the number of persons you can follow, there are a lot of reasons to switch to friendfeed. But there are also 2 new direct competitors, that seems to be alternatives.

This one is new and in an early stage. The interface is clear and easy to use. There is a good way to insert all your friends. You can import them, with makes this a lot of easier to switch to. The downsides are: The service seems to be slow on certain times. Too slow, I'm sure this will change, but it doesn't make happy at all, if you switch from Twitter for the downtimes. But it's worth a try. You need to be beta-invite to sign-up.
This looks much more evolved, but still misses some functions. You get a working system which feels very fast and stable. It depends on a free software named Laconica, which sounds very good, and might be scalable in the future, to keep fast, even with a lot of users. Unfortunately, there is no import functions from Twitter. The user interface needs some work, for example the different parts for your messages, from your friends and all. And the profiles looks a little unsorted. You can sign-up, it works reliable, and it looks good for the future as this is based on free software.
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