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16 October 2008

Experiment: 1 Month with organic food and ecological awareness

The idea was there already, but now I'm doing it. One month with only organic food and ecological products.

It's a challenge. The costs of organic food and ecological stuff are much higher, but my money won't raise. But why trying it then?
Organic food should have better quality and more healthy. It also helps the environment through the agrarian methods, transport and processing. I can't prove this, but i can prove other things.

Is it possible to live with 150 Euro (about $200) for food, and is it realistic in time and on taste? And it's not only food. It starts from toilet paper to the tooth-brush.

Starting from November 1, 2008. One month a greenie.
You can find a livestream on for this. Plus you get the latest updates on Friendfeed. See me cooking, explaining and maybe cursing. You won't miss a thing there.
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