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15 October 2008

My Free Playlist #002

This time I'm going for more classical jazz. I found some pearls, which can be perfectly use ro dream a little. It was hard not to fall completely for electro-jazz :).

  1. fonetik - dolorosa - Soft and spacy. This Song used to be on the previous playlist, but this is how jazz should be.
  2. Paolo Pavan - Opposites - Piano-Jazz apparently is the most famous form, and this track is stylish indeed.
  3. AdHoc - Rendez-vous au .org - A little more experimental is AdHoc from France. But you can clearly feel the connection to the 60th/70th.
  4. Tom La Meche - Urban - It's an electro-jazz sound, but it was too good, to be left out.
  5. Ludo et Rémi - Sourire Fragile - Tranquille (Rémi Tournaire) - Short but spicy. This fully applies here. 1:44 minutes of loaded jazz magic. Loop it.
  6. Frithjof Brauer - 278 meters away - For the end, Master Brauer brings us a sweet piano track. In an intercontinental jazz style, he melts the audience hearts with smooth sound.

For the exact Creative Commons License, please look at each particular song on Jamendo.
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