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05 November 2008

Congratulations USA: Barack Obama Has Won / All has won

How Obama WonThe USA showed that liberty and democracy are not completly dead, after 8 Years of Bush. A beacon for the world.

Nations all over the world congratulate the people of the USA. You have survived a dark chapter of you country, which was the presidency of G.W.Bush. Now you get change, and you need it. We all need it. That's why the world was hoping so much for that moment. Barack Obama is elected, and a new age has begun. An Age where we all can hope that there is less war, less suffer, more peace and more respect to each other.
"The Sun", a newspaper in the UK, wrote this morning: "A giant leap for mankind". But it should read: "A big step for the USA. A giant leap for mankind".

But with all that hope, Obama has to prove, that he is not another warmonger, telling lies to send the troops all over the world to kill and get killed. He has to prove, that he wants the friendship with Europe and other countries. But if he do, he will face infinite support. This will result in a stronger economy worldwide, and especially for the USA. You don't have a clue how much Bush did cost you in Europe. You don't know how much sympathy Bush has cost you. Now there is hope. The Chance to make the USA a friend again, and work together, solve problems and help each other in crises. And I have no doubt Obama can handle this. Obama can make the USA a friendly nation, and with that it will be a secure nation. No, a secure world! And I congratulate, with all respect, the people of America.
Yes, YOU can !
Source of photo: Flickr - simba1947
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