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15 November 2008

Geohashing is Fun

I found a "new" cool thing and I'm ready to go. Geohashing. Yes hashing, not caching.

Its quite simple. use the Dow Jones index to get a random hash with the current date and md5. Then use your graticule coordinates and add this hash, and you got your todays Geohash location. It can be anywhere. Water, motorway, mountain, it depends on the graticule you select.
XKCD has a very good international Wiki, where hashers from all over the world are submitting their expeditions. It's genius. You can make it without an GPS, but it's highly recommended when it is in the woods.

There are archievements for many things on how, when and where you visit a Geohash. I'm on 49 / 8 , but also doing hashs in other graticules. Maybe we meet up someday. You can get all the informations at my Userpage on

This Night, Moe and me will  be at this hash.

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