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20 November 2008

GMail/Google Mail with Themes

Finally, Google Mail with a terminal look. And many other themes.

This is a lot of fun, and it helps to make this attractive to more people. The old theme was good and clean. But this is not what everybody wants. Colors, shiny buttons or geeky styles. Everybody have a different taste. And that brings us to this. There are themes with pictures in the background or which changes depending on your location and time.

Unfortunately, if you live for example in Germany, you won't have the GMail logo. Instead it's called Google Mail. And those logos didn't changed by now. So you can see in the picture, the logo doesn't fit. In the terminal theme the original GMail logo has a cool ASCII lookalike . I want this for the damn Google Mail logo, too. I hate that other company which is responsible for Googles name change to Google Mail. It will be GMail for me, forever!

Anyway, another cool feature for the best mail service around.
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