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28 November 2008

Playstation Home for me...yay!

TGS2008: PlayStation Home 試遊コーナーImage by ento via FlickrI didn't expect that. Yesterday I received my Playstation Home Beta-Code.

Great. I tried it immediately and created a character. There are plenty of fine tuning for the face etc. But after I went to the Home Plaza, I saw many chars looking all the same. There should be more complete different appearances.
So, I have a real nice house. Would like that in RL. If you walk around the plaza you discover a bowling center and a big video screen, where you can watch video. I'm pretty sure you will soon be able to watch real interesting stuff there or in your virtual home.

I'll go deeper into the functions this weekend. I'm sure this has a big potential and will have infinite possibilities, if the bureaucracy at Sony don't kill it all.
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