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15 December 2008

Back on Ubuntu... for the Internet

Ubuntu InstallingImage by Voice Pictures via FlickrIt's typical me. I'm back on Ubuntu. But this time only for surfing the web.

Well, with the nwew upcoming laws in Germany, the data is no longer safe, when you use the web or email. With the right to break in your system and install trojans I looked for an alternative. But this time I keep my Vista system, which I like. It runs perfectly on my machine and it has all what I want.
But if a government will develop a "Bundestrojaner", it will be for Windows for sure. If they can. Some media doubt it, and I think they are not able to, by now., By now, but they sure will be able to someday if this law is on track. But it's highly unlikely that they will or can develop a trojan for GNU/Linux systems.
You could say that the government could work together with big companies to get this stuff in you OS. But not on GNU/Linux. The free software community would fix a "hole" quickly. Where anti-virus companies could stop acting against the governments will, the OSS developer won't.

But I will stay on Vista for other stuff. Or I will start the same circle again, which had spin me 4 times now:

-> Windows (for using all programs) ->
| |
| GNU/Linux (for having a good feeling and more security) <->
| |
<-MacOS X (for having better Multimedia functions) <-

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