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23 December 2008


{{Potd/2007-11-06 (en)}}Image via WikipediaAs an atheist, I celebrated Christmas like most of the people do, no matter what religion. It's not a "christian" holiday anymore. It wasn't for decades, for most people. But now I have found a way to be politically correct.

I don't celebrate Christmas/X-Mas (once upon a time the X stood for anybody, but it's another sign for christian stuff) anymore. I celebrate KISSMAS, or " :O-Mas ".
Go and kiss the one you like on these days. Go and settle down your fightings with a kiss. Stop forcing other persons your "will", just kiss them. Kisses all over.

So all of you, receive my kisses, and I wish you a

Merry Kissmas
A Happy New Year

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