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31 December 2008

Resolutions for 2009 / Happy New Year

Here we go... 2008 is almost over. Approx. 12 hours and 2009 begins with fireworks. It will be a remarkable year for sure. Obama taking the lead, and the financial crisis keep on hitting countries around the world. But we all have our personal resolutions for 2009. What do you want from 2009?
There are some things I want to manifest in 2009. Attention, may contain some serious geek stuff :).
  • Found more than 500 Geocaches in total.
  • Buy the Android G1 as soon as it's available in real europe ;)
  • Making money on the web somehow
  • Keep cool on conversations in social networks. A real challenge for me.
  • Concentrate on the real important things (but how do I know which are?)
  • Don't write blogposts like these :)

However, I wish you a

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