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17 December 2008

Runes Of Magic Open Beta

On December 15th, a new free MMORPG called "Runes Of Magic" started as an open beta. I grabbed the client and already has build up my first impressions.

Runes Of Magic Runes Of Magic 2 Beta Runes Of Magic 3 Beta

A new MMORPG sounds good. Free sounds even better. But can "Runes Of Magic" keep up with the hype on the net, and even in TV-Stations like Giga-TV?
First of all, let me remind you, that this is an early open beta run. There are certainely a lot of work to do. Some basic functions or behaviours may still be there in the final, but it can change any day.

I was hoping for a alternative to the paid MMOs like World Of Warcraft or Warhammer Online. But to make it very clear: I don't think that this game is made for competitions with those major MMOs. It's nice on it's own. That is a good thing, but unfortunately it has some intentions to be like WoW when it comes to the GUI and some behaviour. For example, you have to repair your weapons and armors. That is something I hate in WoW. It's just an unnessecary bullying of the players. On the other side, the windows that pop up on some items (e.g. recipes) look like the one from WoW, too. So it is a fact, what I see in the game chat, everone compares this with WoW.
That's too sad, but it justs provocate to, when you have just the bad things from Blizzards MMORPG. I hope the Team will change this for the final release. Please no durability for weapons and armors. It will lead to people not helping other because of the costs, or the trouble with repairing things.

The other site is the nice and cool manga graphics. I like that. The world looks good, the animations of the char is nice and good integrated. The quests are good and not to difficult at the beginning. The quest text needs to be more clear. At the moment there are not enough hints of where exactly you can find the things. I would like it to be like in Warhammer Online, where you see exactly the Area of the quest to be solved when taking it. The professions are made very well and it's the first time, I'm having fun at such a game learning a profession in the game. There are still some text in chinese language, and in the German version, you will still found many quests, which are not translated. But this will change soon, I think. The client crashes sometimes.

Overall, it's the best free MMORPG around. It has a lot of potential, and I'm continuing to play. It's fun even in this early beta stage. There is a lot, a lot work to do. It's not a alternative for WoW or Warhammer Online, but it's a good game on it's own. Best wishes for the team, to master the big job they have to do.

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