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13 December 2008

Songbird 1.0 official release

LibraryImage by Lasse Havelund via FlickrWithout any sign in the media, Songbird is out of beta, with the final 1.0 release. And it changed a lot under the hood.

I tried this before, and was a bit disappointed. Too slow, too bloated. But this has changed quite a bit. Now it feels like a sleek app. Searching in the library is so much faster, it's like a complete new program. Also it's much more responsive using Songbird. The library function are as good as ever. Unfortunately still no CD import.
The path is set to compete with the big names. And not to forget to mention it can play FairPlay music and syncs with the iPod. I still prefer a real MP3-Player ;). And, while it depends on the mozilla engine(!) it's all open source. What could you want more from a music player?
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