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18 December 2008

Steve Jobs to step in the background

A cropped version of :Image:SteveJobsMacbookAi...Image via WikipediaThe Apple universe got a big shock yesterday. Steve Jobs is stepping in the background. Phil Schiller holds the last keynote on the MacWorld.

Yes not one but two shocking news. This will be the last keynote on the MacWorld. Apple announces that this is the last appearance of Apple on that exhibition. And the next shock was the announcement, that Phil Schiller is doing this last keynote.
After this the stock loses 6,6%, and media was spreading this news all over. Apple fanboys got shocked all over the planet, and the business news channels keep talking about health problems of Jobs.

Now the Internet is talking about, if Apple will survive that step. But Steve Jobs is not out of business. He is still there, so no one should be concerned. But this shows how tight the bounds are between the charismatic leader and the Apple devotees. Did Apple wrong in the last years of Jobs' comeback? Did the Apple community not love Apple, but Jobs? It sounds so silly, and it really is. But that's exactly what happened all over the community, which I can't stand at all. A computer, no matter from what company, is a tool, a thing for working or doing things you like to do. But it may never be your center of your lifestyle. If Apple loses it's products, you lose your life then. That is ridiculous.

I hope Steve Jobs is doing good, and do not have any health problems. I really do. But, we need to go back to the Apple in its beginning. With a team that makes good computers, and not crappy lifestyle gadgets with not much other use than show what new shiny, expensive things you have. It does money at the moment. But the actual reactions shows that having a cult, is not a reliable basis for a business.

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