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02 January 2009

I Blog, Therefore I Am... but where?

FriendFeed Stream and Twitter StreamImage by kenleyneufeld via Flickr
Where, and most important, how do you blog in 2009? Microblogging extends the way of blogging.

For me, it started in 2008. I made Friendfeed my main blogging platform, and integrated it a premier place in my regular blog. So, for long articles I still have a blog. And people keep urging on those microblogging services, that the time of blogging is over.
No, it just starts. It will change in 2009, but blogging is like shouting out your opinion. This never stops in a democracy. It only get new faces from time to time. From that point of view, the first bloggers were the ones who wrote and gave fliers to the people by hand.

Now, why is microblogging taking the power of normal blogs?
  • more effective - you can put out more stuff in less time
  • much easier - Write a short text, link a picture, and here we go
  • socialised = more audience
  • less legal problems
Lets take a look on the last point.
There are less legal problems on microblogging sites. Especially for some countries. First, you are not having a Website on that service. So, you are only responsible for a small part of your postings. Then it seems no one is bitching around, when linking/embedding photos or videos to a service like friendfeed of twitter. Try this at your blog, and the community will see your blood, when adding a "precious" photo to your article, unless it's under a Creative Commons-License. A big advantage for some European countries. The need of publishing you real (!) Name and address, doesn't seem to apply, and in fact, can't be applied at all.

All of these facts will help microblogging to get started in 2009. It's blogging without the hassle.

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