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09 January 2009

Wired Earth Blog Closing Its Doors!

Yes, that's right.
In a few days, the Wired Earth Blog will be offline.
The reasons is not only the unsecure laws for blogger in Germany, but more the technical development.

On end of 2005, when I set up this Blog, I could see the time of normal private Websites will be over. Now I see the same for Blogs in Germany. Just like with the Web1.0-Sites, Blogs will never die completely, but the overall way will be set to another path. Microblogging hits me big time. Twitter is taking the sense of blogging.

Thanks a lot, for visiting my blog. You gave me your trust for years. I'm a little sad, overall. This is a chapter of my life, which ends here. But that is what evolution is all about. I move on to pastures new... the Net is wide and infinite.
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